Bug Talk

Ep. 67: Henry Mochida

July 21, 2021 Zsofia Szendrei Season 1 Episode 67
Bug Talk
Ep. 67: Henry Mochida
Show Notes

Zsofia talks to Henry Mochida ([email protected]), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Communications Manager at Michigan State University. Henry works to strategically elevate MSU’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, practices, and programming with staff in University Communications and the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives.  We talked about his cultural heritage,  growing up in Hawaii, his film making career, interest in economics and his current position at MSU.  Watch Henry's films:

  •  Blue Tarp City (master’s thesis / award winner – native Hawaiian homelessness in Waianae)
  • Place of Hope (community mobilizing / raised $25k+ – impact of 2011 earthquake on potter community in Japan)
  • Hula in the Zane ʻOhana (hula culture - wait for the Kamehameha butterfly!)
  • Say No to Pipelines (advocacy / award winner – activism to stop the building of the Kindermorgan pipeline)
  • What is IGR? (institutional storytelling / award winner – video production series)
  • MSU Juneteenth Celebration (Juneteenth – institutional remarks)

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